The Kingdom will be the Lord’s

“Deliverers will go up on Mount Zion to govern the mountains of Esau. And the kingdom will be the LORD’s. … Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” (Obad 1:21, Matt 23:39)

 In his Christmas message this year 2017, Archbishop Stanley Ntagali made a loud call to fervent prayer and fasting for our nation Uganda. Referring to a common Messianic prophecy from Isaiah, he asserted that now, more than ever, we need this ‘Prince of Peace’ to be our ‘Wonderful Counselor’ and ‘Everlasting Father,’ and, for the government to be ‘upon his shoulder.’ The call to prayer was further justified: “we are living with political upheavals, anarchy, and often incidents of mysterious killings, deaths, and perverse behavioural living… our society is drifting into a state of godlessness, lawlessness and perverse disregard of human life and dignity.”

A little more detail has been compiled in Zac Niringiye’s well written book entitled ‘Uganda Today: Crisis and Hope for Rebirth’, in which he writes about a nation ailing and teetering on the brink of collapse; at risk of similar disaster as Zimbabwe, Somalia, Libya or the Democratic Republic of Congo. ‘Uganda as it presently is, rather than be left to die slowly should be assisted to die quickly in order to see a rebirth of a new one – a born-again Uganda’, Zac recommends. His analysis goes back and forth from the NRM 10-point program of 1986 to the status of those promises today, illustrating initial progress that has been washed away in recent years, to plunge Uganda into crisis again!

In similar light, many other writers have compared and illustrated differences between the President Museveni of 1986 to 2000 to the President Museveni of the last fifteen years. The former promised democracy, the latter gives pseudo-democracy; the former was a servant of the people, the latter is not an employee – just a freedom fighter and not a servant of anyone; the former defeated government armies that were dangerous to the people, the latter is plagued unknown assailants murdering security officers, women and Muslim leaders; the former criticized omnipotent rulers who overstay in power, the latter signs off constitution amendments lifting limits.

We have reason to pray for Uganda. When Prophet Obadiah preached, Israel was facing tough situations including neglect by their own ‘brother’ Edom. Almighty God promised deliverance through leaders that would go up on Mount Zion and establish rule over both Israel and their negligent brother Edom. A new Kingdom was the only hope for Obadiah’s listeners; and this is a good reflection in this season when we commemorate the coming of the ultimate Deliverer – our Saviour Jesus Christ. However, there were real rulers than came before the Messiah and liberated Israel temporarily; while we are here on earth, God is concerned about the welfare of His people, and would not condone injustice, tyranny and oppression. Arise and pray for Uganda!