Unfailing Integrity

His wife said to him,
“Are you still maintaining your integrity? Curse God and die!” (Job 2:9)

There are three kinds of people: The first kind posses no integrity
– the seeds of uprightness are eaten by the birds as soon as they land on them. The second are those with integrity that fails- the seeds of uprightness grow in them but are soon choked by worldly cares or dried from insufficient depth. The third kind are those with unfailing integrity – the seeds of uprightness grow in them and become large deep-rooted trees that endure storms and fires and thieves. The second kind seems to be the commonest and the most dangerous; so many people give in or give up under pressure, and Job’s wife too was this was this kind.

Job was ‘the greatest man among all the people of the East’ and his integrity was so deep that even God boasted about it. But when the calamities hit, he lost everything: Job lost his 500 yoke of oxen and 500 donkeys to Sabean raiders, he lost 7000 sheep in a wild lightening, then again he lost 3000 camels to Chaldean raiders – and all these were lost with many servants! His sons and daughters also perished in a
hurricane, and finally his physical health was also wickedly destabilized.
His greatness was reduced to absolute poverty, but the greatest loss was yet to
manifest. In his distress, Job needed comfort and empathy; he needed support to hold onto the only valuable that was left; he needed encouragement to hold onto his only remaining hope – his trust in God. But the closest friend who should have brought this support – Job’s wife – turned out to be the greatest loss, when she spoke and was clearly using the vocabulary of the enemy.

When she said, ‘Curse God and die’, the reader should recall that it was Satan who first used these words – that Job would curse God if he lost his wealth (Job 1:11), but Job held onto his integrity and after the first great loss, he still worshipped God. To instigate the second great loss, Satan used the same words, that Job would curse God if he lost his health. That is the point at which Job’s wife seems to turn into
Satan’s spokesperson! She had her health intact, but her integrity fell over and she was completely the opposite of her suffering husband. Job retained unfailing

You need to hold onto your integrity no matter what loss or risks you suffer in
financial matters, in academics, or in your relationships among family members or friends. Tough times may come; is it worth it to endure such suffering yet retain your integrity? Yet that is the most valuable asset that no one can steal from you; nothing and no one can snatch it from you; you lose it onlt if you give it away yourself. God plants integrity freely in the hearts of all who ask and are willing to keep it, and if you do not give up or give in, integrity will be a firm foundation for a fulfilling life today, tomorrow and to eternity.

God bless you all.