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Welcome. Bless the Lord… (Ps 103:2)

I warmly welcome you to Kakumba Chapel and Kyambogo University
in this new Academic Year 2014/2015.

As we conclude the Freshers’ Outreach Mission today, I thank God who has done mighty things among us: many have been born again, others healed and found peace in Jesus Christ, and still many have been impacted by participating in this important outreach at this good start of the semester. We have considered many reasons why we should never forget the goodness of the Lord… Whether you are in First Year student or not – whoever is reading this – I need to re-emphasize why you need the Lord Jesus Christ using three quick reasons, and remain thankful:

1) For an Education Proper: The highest academic achievements prove to be dry and meaningless because as someone has put it, ‘the more I study, the more I don’t know’! The learned of those days wondered at the intelligence and wisdom of the apostles who were well known to be uneducated village fishermen. The only explanation that could be given as to why they were outwitting the learned and seasoned is that “they had been with
Jesus” (Acts 4:13).Jesus gives thanks to God the Father that certain important things had been hidden to the ‘wise and understanding’ but revealed to little children…Without this revelation, all manner of academic disciplines and height end in an excruciating vanity.You need Jesus for a revelation that will make yours a real and timelessly beneficial education.

2) For a Relationship Proper: You need a Father. Not to say that our earthly fathers are not proper, but among them are those who abandon their children, those who do not provide sufficiently, even those who molest their children, those who do their best but give up
because of disappointments, and some have already departed from this earthly life. The Proper Father is God Almighty who is revealed by the Son. You need a relationship with this Father, and this will define all your other relationships; you will escape opportunists and liars that only give you short term gains and heaps of regret later. A serious
relationship with God will traverse all manner of temporality and even assure you of life eternal.

3) For Rest and Peace: In his call, Jesus recommends that you exchange your heavy and difficult burdens with the light and easy option he gives. He is ready to carry your
challenges, loads, troubles, weaknesses, anxieties and difficulties and give you rest and peace. He demonstrated this by going all the way to the cross carrying your sin guilt and taking on your death sentence! He has done great things; and He has promised to receive all who come to Him! Receive Him thankfully and you’ll experience even more blessings.

May God bless you.

Preparing for Mission

“in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness
and respect.” (1Pet 3:15)

Mission has been well defined as “something that one feels he must do because it is his duty” and in our context that something is preaching the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. I have in the past shared about the gospel of the Kingdom, which must accompany and outlive the former, but for now let us concentrate on the mission that brings the lost back into the fold of the Great Shepherd – preaching the gospel of salvation. Are you ready to preach?

The key verse I chose for this sharing is Apostle Peter’s call for every believer to always be prepared to boldly confess their faith in Jesus Christ who is the source and reason for the hope we have. This preparation begins ‘in your hearts’: You make a decision to follow Christ first, and day by day you grow in honoring Him as holy, and in turn He builds in your strength and courage to bring out what is in your heart through your lips as well as actions.

In the last Mid-Week service we shared about Mordecai in Esther 3:4; his identity as a Jew meant a lot – he would not bow down (worship) Haman, he would not a king’s command that goes against the greater King’s command, he would not succumb to threats of being reported to high officials, he did not fear the wrath of earthly kings as much as he feared his God. His identity was in his worship and in Jehovah God. He therefore stood firm and unique among the gentiles even when it was tough. Through rough and uncertain times, the end of the story is that he and the whole nation of God, the Jews, were never touched by the looming extermination threats hatched in those days by Haman.

Your identity does more mission than your words. You influence many people – whether at home or at work, your friends or your fellowship, those you know and those you don’t know. When your give yourself to God and His mission, your identity agrees and influences for the better. In response, I invite you to join in my version of this hymn today:

Take my heart it is thine own; It shall be thy royal throne.
Take my lips and let them be, Filled with messages from thee.

Take my silver and my gold; Not a mite would I withhold,
Take my life and let it be, Consecrated Lord to thee:

God bless you as you give yourself to His work!