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‘You Need Jesus’ (Matt 11:25-29)

You are warmly welcome to Kakumba Chapel!

The University Semester ends today, and we thank God who has brought us thus far. Although there were tension moments, there was no strike; and this is after many turbulent semesters. Many people have renewed their faith in Jesus Christ, and many others have been impacted by attending and participating in various Chapel activities. As some go out
for holidays, others for internship, and others into the marketplace, and still others are going out to share the gospel – whoever is reading this –
I need to remind us that we need Jesus Christ using three quick reasons:

1) For an Education Proper: The highest academic achievements prove to be dry
and meaningless because as someone has put it, ‘the more I study, the more I don’t know’! The learned of those days wondered at the intelligence and wisdom of the apostles who were well known to be uneducated village fishermen. The only explanation that could be given as to why they were outwitting the learned and seasoned is that “they had been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13). Jesus gives thanks to God the Father that certain important things had
been hidden to the ‘wise and understanding’ but revealed to little children…
Without this revelation, all manner of academic disciplines and height end in an excruciating vanity. You need Jesus for a revelation that will make yours a real education.

2) For a Father Proper: Not to say that our earthly fathers are not proper, but among them are those who abandon their children, those who do not provide sufficiently, even those who
molest their children, those who do their best but give up because of disappointments, and some have already departed from this earthly life. The Father Proper is God Almighty who is revealed by the Son. You need this Father, and the relationship you enter with him will
traverse all manner of temporality and known mishaps and enter you into life eternal.

3) For Rest and Peace: In his call, Jesus recommends that you exchange your heavy
and difficult burdens with the light and easy option he gives. He is ready to carry your
challenges, loads, troubles, weaknesses, anxieties and difficulties and give you rest and peace. He demonstrated this by going all the way to the cross
carrying your sin guilt and taking on your death sentence! He has done great things.

For many more reasons and details, it is undeniable that we all need the Saviour, the Redeemer, the Way to the Father… You need Jesus Christ. He has promised to receive all who come to Him.
May God bless you.

‘Abiding’ blessings’

“Blessed is everyone who fears the LORD, who walks in his ways!
You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.” (Ps 128:1-2)

Are God’s blessings a reward or a result? Many times we think that when God promises something, it works like magic; we do our side of the bargain, and then what He promised happens. But I do not think that is how it works. I believe that when God asks us to do something, say for example the Ten Commandments, it is not a to-do list that He will come and check how many we have kept and bless us accordingly, rather, the commands are to help us relate with Him and the people around us so that we may be at peace, hence blessed. We should not just seek the hand of God, but rather His face, because this is what we were created to do –to abide in Him.

When we obey God, we are doing what we were created to do, and so life runs smoothly for us. For example, every machine is made for specific purposes; if well used without forcefully multitasking, it works effectively and efficiently. But many times people may use a machine for other purposes other than the one for which it was created. This produces friction and frustration, reducing its lifespan and wearing it down. Same with us – God did not create us to suffer, be cursed and live miserably, but rather to have joyful and constructive fellowship with Him and with one another, and to worship Him. If we live in the purpose for which we were created, it is only natural that we will enjoy life and understand that we actually lack nothing. The LORD will be our Shepherd and we will have everything that we need; this then is how we will live a blessed life, without strife.

How do we live in God’s purpose for our loves? If God has given me the gift of art and design and has shown me for sure, that He wants me to use this gift to bless the world, and instead I ignore that and pursue something else that I consider more prestigious, say for example medicine, I would be sinning, my relationship with God will be corrupted and I will never be happy, because I will be like the machine put to incorrect use. This is probably why we have grumbling doctors, corrupt policemen and half-baked accountants. To honour and bless God in our careers, moral discipline, respectful relationships – this is in fact our own blessedness. Any other likely source ends in vanity.

Blessings are not a mere reward, but a result of obedience to God; the instruction to focus on today and all the days of our lives is ‘fear the Lord’, ‘walk in His ways’ – and Jesus similarly thus calls, ‘Abide in Me’ (John 15:4), and then only shall we receive abiding blessings.

Peace be with you!

When I grow up… ?

“Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in
conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.” (1Tim 4:12)

This is a common question when interviewing young people – ‘what do you want to
become when you grow up?’ And many quickly say – a doctor, a lawyer, and engineer,
a pilot, a farmer, a teacher…; these childhood dreams soon become hazy towards the end of secondary school and many start wondering what the future will be like. Around such a time in the story of Joseph (Gen 37), he had childhood dreams that he shared with his
siblings and parents, and he was rebuked and hated. Around the time when things become hazy and you wonder what the future holds, remember that God has a purpose for you, and seek to connect with God. Joseph’s were not mere individualistic aspirations but
downloads of God’s purpose.

Along the path of growth, some young people make their names and get recognized for
excelling in athletics, academics, music and dance, or as leaders, while others are known for championing wrong like fighting, escaping from school, drug abuse, leading strikes, or that girl that got pregnant and dropped out of school. These loud youth are then admired by many of their peers who are looking for an example to emulate. What kind of example are you? And what kind of people do you look up to as examples? When you see such rising stars, it is evidence that God our Creator has embedded in us gifts and talents that can be of influential value even at a young age; but we must seek to connect with God’s purpose in order to make the best of these gifts.

Timothy while still a youth distinguished himself as a faithful disciple and one who could become a leader and a pastor. Plugging into God’s purpose saw him rise to lead the Church at Ephesus, and receive letters that have come down to us as Scripture. His youthful days were put to good use, and his dreams were well directed. If he received some ridicule from people around him, like Joseph did, he must have stayed his focus and followed through his dreams diligently. Don’t wait to ‘grow up’ in order to connect with God’s purpose for your life; tomorrow has its own mission, but today has a mission too, even in your youth. Some youth are despised, but others just despise themselves! Do not succumb to either. Today, set a good example… seek to connect with God because He surely has a purpose for you.

Peace be with you!

“Faith, goodness, knowledge …”

“… make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge, …” (2Pet 1:5)

As some of us prepare to start University exams, while the younger ones are enjoying school holidays, we are still in the Easter season and it is a good time to revise what
happened around the time of Jesus’ death, resurrection and appearances before he
ascended into heaven. One of the fascinating accounts is the knowledge contest between
Jesus and the two men on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-32); as they discussed, they
accused Jesus of not knowing the Jerusalem current affairs. Jesus in turn pushed them to the edge and called them ‘foolish’ and ‘slow’ before giving a clear exposition of the
Scriptures about the Messiah. It must have been a poignant knowledge contest indeed.

Knowledge is important; as we study whatever subject or field, things revealed help us to grow. Love your subjects and work on them with a passion. The Apostle Peter admonishes that faith needs to be supplemented with many other qualities; the two men had faith in the man whose death they were lamenting, but they lacked enough knowledge about him, and that became for them a limiting factor in their salvation. Faith alone can be shaken if not fortified with the revealed qualities that we are encouraged to grow in ourselves and in one another. In the case of these men, knowledge of the Scriptures needed to be taken to a higher level for their faith to be effective. Are you a believer? You need to check also if you are growing in the knowledge of the Scriptures.

One of the difficulties in our academic systems is the aspect of relating what we study with our faith and spirituality. But when you think about it, they actually relate well: do you marvel at the Creator of the magnificent universe with its gravitational interactions and nature laws that are studied in physical sciences? What about the Creator of a human mind that is the sensational subject of psychology and philosophy students? All kinds of knowledge point to the greatness of our God and can play a part in deepening our faith. The most important knowledge however, is that about the Messiah. Knowledge standing on her own can produce pride that kills, but when it supplements faith, both are made fruitful and the possessor will in due course receive the grand benefit of life eternal.

Peace be with you!