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Mwemat Ltd is a multi-discipline firm offering services mainly in Civil/Structural Engineering. Our team of Engineers ensures quality work from inception, philosophy development, analysis and member design, to detailing of structural elements and the entire structure. The solutions we offer fully consider serviceability (fitness for purpose, safety, longevity), economy (cost effectiveness at construction as well as during service life), and constructibility efficiency.

We design a wide scope of structures: Commercial and Industrial (Offices, Hotels, Supermarkets, Stores, Warehouses), Institutional and Municipal (Educational, Hospitals, Community, Churches), Multi-family Buildings, and Retaining Structures.

Our Portfolio

From simple bangalows to complex apartments and commercial houses, our engineering services have gained trust and appreciation from many quarters.

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Our Current Address:
    Mwemat Ltd.
    P.O. Box 70864 Kampala.
    Tel: +256 772 387590
    Email: info@mwemat.com

Talent here: The leader of the Engineer's Team is a prolific musician! Ears on the ground - as we may hear of a Mwemat Band on air soon...


"This Engineer is great! He delivers work in good time with little hassle as opposed to many... This is the way to go."

"Influence Lines: There is evidence that you thought about them. Since there is not one solution to a problem, yours is good as well."